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Over 13 years of development with the mission of “Creating smart for everyone’s sustainable happiness”, Amber is a Group of Financial Investment & Real Estate Development, Energy led by Kind business culture – Speed ​​- Intelligence.

We are committed to opening potential fields in key localities, gradually realizing the dream of creating a future for the prosperity of society.

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Years of operation in 3 fields
Finance - Real Estate - Energy
Flexible connect

Building a sustainable ecosystem

Operating in 3 core business areas Finance - Real Estate - Energy, Amber Holdings builds a tripod model of the ecosystem by flexibly connecting resources according to the principle: Create & Accompany. In particular, environmental sustainability is always embedded in all of our business activities.
Amber Mark

"The Action Person"

After more than 13 years of establishment and development Amber Holdings is now a Financial Investment, Real Estate Development and Energy Group with a sustainable business ecosystem. Amber Group has made its mark through industrial, tourism & resort, clean energy real estate projects across the country.
15.000 Billion
Total assets (VND)
8 +
Member unit
35 %
800 +
20 +
100 +
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Differentiate to create the future

Every project invested by Amber Holdings in potential lands is aimed at building its own ecosystem in the region. Each product - work has a different mark to promote the local economy and create value for the community.
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